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Fuel Delivery

Arthurs Fuel has been in the fuel delivery business for over 50 years.  With an extensive fleet of propane and fuel delivery trucks, we are confident that we can assist you with all your home heating, farm fuels and commercial needs with an option of Automatic or Call-in deliveries.  We offer Competitive Pricing for farmers and commercial accounts that use gasoline, diesel and propane.



An Automatic Delivery option will give you peace of mind as we take the hassle out of you having to continually watch your tanks.  Deliveries are scheduled in advance based on usage (history) and degree days (factored on the most recent weather and temperature patterns).  Automatic delivery is also a great option for weekend locations where your not always able to watch your tanks.


Call-in option requires you to contact our office to request a propane or fuel order.  You will need to check your tank(s) on regular basis and provide a minimum of 48-hours notice for a delivery.
*Please Note: A minimum of 72 hours may be required during peak heating season. 

Drivers are on a pre-scheduled run (for automatic deliveries) so your order will need to be arranged based on when the truck is in your area.  We make every effort to reach everyone on timely basis.

*Please Note: If you run out of propane/fuel and require an emergency delivery, a service charge may be levied for the delivery.  This includes if we’ve had to re-route the fuel truck and/or send them out after hours/weekends. 



Arthurs Fuel is pleased to offer customers a seasonal propane lock-in price. This lock-in pricing program runs from October 1 (current year) to April 1 (following year) (ie. Oct. 1, 2019 to April 1, 2020).

Propane pricing fluctuates daily. During peak heating seasons, prices are more likely to increase based on supply and demand.  The propane lock-in program provides customers with a guaranteed fixed rate during the contract period and can ultimately avoid potential rate increases that may occur during the season.

Arthurs Fuel will pre-purchase large quantities of propane before the heating season, so we are able offer it to our customers at a fixed rate.  In order to provide customers with the option of a lock-in contract we must receive the signed contract prior to the heating season so we can determine the number of litres/gallons to purchase based on the demand.

*Note: Contracts are not offered or issued after the commencement date.

If you are interested in the lock-in program or would like more information on our Lock-in contracts, please contact our office at 519-941-0004 or email info@arthursfuel.com.  

*Requirements: Customers must be on an Automatic Delivery schedule and accounts must be in good standing.

Consumption Facts

There are several factors that can affect your propane and/or oil usage.

  • Declining temperatures which can include high winds and weather conditions
  • Age of a residence/building
  • Poor insulation
  • Drafts (windows/doors/walls)
  • Lack of maintenance to appliances
  • Age and function of existing appliances
  • Proper thermostat operation
  • Pool heaters (uses above average amounts of propane)

Want security and assistance that your heating system is taken care of annually?  See our “Services” Section for information on maintenance, cleanings and protection plans.

Consumption Changes on Automatic Delivery

It is very important to contact our office if any of the following changes occur which may affect your consumption and your Automatic delivery:


  • A new fuel appliance is added (ie. Furnace, water heater, wall heater, tube heater, pool heater, fireplace, stove, BBQ, dryer etc.)
  • The number of people living in your household changes or you have extended guests. This can also increase your consumption.
  • You are leaving for an extended period and/or vacation.
  • Unexpected power outages where a generator may have been utilized during hydro service interruptions.


Arthurs Fuel offers a full range of lubricants to keep your homes and equipment running smoothly. We can supply you with all your lubricant needs whether its hydraulic oil, diesel exhaust fluid, motor oil, transmission oil, diesel fuel conditioner or anti-freeze. 

We are distributors of Mobil, Chevron & Transit lubricant products.  Also, bulk DEF and lubricant deliveries are available.

Call now for pricing! Delivery available on large orders.

Keep Your Home And Equipment Running Smoothly!


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